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Nymbles 1.0

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Nymbles Publisher's description:

from Nymbles LLC

NYMBLES is a new (patent pending) puzzle app that uses synonyms, antonyms and homonyms as clue words to help you solve two word phrases and compound words related to the puzzle title.
It is fun, challenging and a great learning tool.

The Nymbles app presents 10 sets of clues per game. Your challenge is to find the synonyms, antonyms or homonyms of the clue words given to complete the phrases or compound words.

The title of the puzzle is the first clue. If needed, the hint button offers two more clues. It tells you the number of letters in the word and also whether the answer is a synonym, an antonym, or a homonym of the clue word given. There is an answer button, but players are encouraged to search for the definition of the clue word and to also use an online thesaurus. If the player chooses to use a dictionary or thesaurus, there are still choices to be made as to which word fits the puzzle title, has the correct number of letters, and helps make a phrase or compound word fitting with the second clue word given.

The puzzles are fun, will definitely expand your vocabulary and will make you want to play each one again to better your score.

System Requirements:

Windows Vista or Above

Program Release Status: New Release
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

Nymbles Version History:

Nymbles 1.0 added on: 18-09-2017 - actual version

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